Brian Leady For Alloway Township Committee

Brian Leady

Brian has been a life-long resident of Alloway Township  for over 50 years and an Alloway Township  property tax payer for over 25 years.  He moved into town at the age of 8 with his family.  Even at a young age, Brian began to work as a paper boy and delivering papers to the community residents.   His belief that hard work is what one must do to earn what you want in life was instilled in him at a young age.  Brian found his longest job on a farm as a diesel mechanic where he remained for 40 yrs.  As a diesel mechanic, Brian worked diligently in every job he had – he believes that no matter what the job is – do your best to get it done right.  After the farm closed, Brian found himself at a new job, at SJ transportation as a parts clerk learning computer skills that were much different than that of a diesel mechanic.

Brian believes in the community.  He has previously served on the Environmental Committee.  He has been a volunteer with the Alloway Fire Department over 10 years, doing whatever needs to be done to help the department and is currently treasurer of the fire department.  At age 50, Brian began to attend the EMT program where he successfully completed and passed the program.  Brian took the state test and also successfully passed the state license test.  He began to volunteer with the Alloway  Ambulance Corp ten years ago and continues to today as First Lieutenant.

As we continue to see changes in the world today, Brian hopes to lead Alloway in the direction of maintaining the community that Alloway has been known to be for many years.  He believes in the 2nd Amendment and the right of American citizens to maintain that right.   He believes in equal rights for all – not just one specific group – but all groups.

Brian attended Alloway Township school during his elementary years.  He attended Woodstown High School and the Salem Vocational School enlisting in their Diesel Mechanic program at the time.  He and his wife, Carla have been married for 38 years.  They have two sons, one granddaughter and one grandson.  Both their sons attended Alloway Township School and one son attended Woodstown High and one son attended Salem County Vocational School.